How limits and rules help my children to have more freedom

How limits and rules help my children to have more freedom

As explained before, I believe that everyone will find limits in life. That is just how live is and we will all have to learn how to live a happy live within certain limits. Freedom comes with responsibility. When I teach my kids, to respect limits for their own or other people’s sake, I teach them to be responsible. The more my kids learn to take on responsibility, I the more freedom I can give them. For example: When I teach my children, how to behave safely in traffic, what rules they have to stick to, when crossing a street, then I can let them walk to school or a playground alone. When I can rely on them and know they will comply to certain safety rules when using a pocket knife, I can let them use a pocket knife without constant supervision. When my kids have learned how to behave at the dinner table, I can allow them to eat over at a friend’s house, without being embarrassed…

By teaching our kids the right rules and limits, in the long run, we give our kids more freedom.

What we have to :

  • meet our child’s needs,
  • to respect our child’s limits
  • to voice our own needs
  • set our own limits.

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