This is a blog for people who believe in good old common sense parenting,

in play and in trusting in their child’s abilities. There are so many parentin blogs out there driving us crazy, telling us about all those horror stories about what could go wrong with our kids and about how we should be super parents, always vigilant, preventing anything exciting that could ever happen to our kids. I don’t find them helpful at all.

This blog is about being a good parent without driving yourself crazy and without helicoptering. It’s about raising strong and resilient kids, about raising healthy and happy free range kids. It’s a collection of some personal experience, some of my thoughts, some good practices I personally like and also some professional experiences I could gather as professional social worker and in my role as youth welfare planner and person in charge of child friendly cities program of my city.

Two years ago I had started this blog and put a lot of work and effort into it. Unfortunately it was hacked and completely destroyed and the backup did not work either. After a long break I decided to start it again. But I am doing it besides work, besides raising two kids, taking care of our home and garden, doings sports and playing the guitar. So it might take me quite a while to fill those pages again. However feel free to ask questions and mail suggestions for topics you are interested in. You could inspire me to write some more.